SC Physician Group, Dr. Manuel Momjian

Thank you for eliminating our daily worry and stress about dealing with medical billing and collections! You freed up an average of 8 hours administrative time per week for me. We now have a solid and in-depth understanding of our practice operations as we receive 10 detailed monthly reports on our performances, CPT usage, collections insurance aging, patient aging etc… And last but not least, Right Track has outstanding IT support. Right Track delivered everything that they promised! We can comfortably recommend your services to any physician!

Dr. Jarlath Ryan

With near 100% collection rate, Right Track increased our insurance and patient collections! Right Track has true industry knowledge and expertise in billing, coding, healthcare IT, contract negotiations, proposals and current healthcare reform changes. With Right Track on our side we have peace of mind and more time to spend with our patients! We highly recommend Right Track to any size healthcare practice.

Dr. Adnan Khoury, Psychiatrist

Unprecedented MSO Services! RT handles most of my calls, business development, billing and collection, EHR, credentialing, processing pharmacy requests, scheduling and banking. All I do is take care of my patients! I highly recommend their services.

Shannon Dobbs, PsyD

RT provides multiple essential services for me including management, marketing, credentialing, billing and collections. I have peace of mind and can focus solely on patient care.I recommend RT to any provider who wants to start a new practice or just wants to deal with clinical issues and patient care. Let RT take care of your day to day management!

Dr. Mireille Hamparian, Opthalmologist

I absolutely love their services. I highly recommend Right Track for all your billing, IT and contract negotiation needs. Superior services!

Sarkis Arevian, M.D. - Psychiatrist

I have known Mihran “Mike’ for several years and he has provided valuable consultations and input for us as a company on various projects including our business development and marketing. Most recently he has been providing me with MSO services. Mike is very efficient, innovative and always a step ahead to provide the very best services for his clients. !

Lee Yoseloff, M.D.,J.D. and CEO

THMS provided us with a full spectrum of supportive functions from beginning to end of our Community Care Clinic and FQHC development projects. RTHMS’ services included complex budgeting, establishing a board of directors, contract negotiating, project management and strategic planning. In all phases of our projects we appreciated getting a 360 degree view of potential problems and importantly, the available solutions. RTHMS’ diligent work ethic and multidimensional experience was essential during critical phases of a complex project development. We highly recommend RTHMS for any healthcare project development and consultation from clinic startup to FQHC development and setup. The R.O.A.D.S. Foundation, Inc. !

Dr. K. Zarate - Ophthalmologist

I was struck by monthly income increase given that you had just begun billing in May 2014 and yet revenue was so high for that month. Usually there is some lag time for payment. I love that you are so efficient. What a positive difference from my previous billing company! All is good and overall our income is improved and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend Right Track! !